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Our management seeks to maximize income first and provide growth opportunity second. To do this we use two approaches. The first is an “immediate gratification” approach where our portfolio managers identify yield dislocations in the market. Transactions may include bond swaps to capture immediate increased yield on bonds with similar characteristics, riding the yield curve down by selling before maturity, call-date strategies, credit-upgrade sales, and other immediate income trades. The second is a “delayed gratification” approach where our portfolio managers seek pricing dislocations in the market, which may increase future capital gains. This strategy doesn’t serve to increase immediate yield, but aims instead to maximize future capital gains.

Goodman Green Wealth Management

From Generation To Generation 

Victor F. Green Sr.

"We help like-minded people pursue their highest calling by restructuring a portion of their income into a resource, which may allow them to finally contemplate life beyond their own needs into the lives of their loved ones and the organizations worthy of their attention."